About Ruth Seodi

I’ve been teaching music to children in Hertfordshire Primary schools for many years. During school holidays I’ve run fun music workshops, but my most recent idea of Songwriting4Kids has been a real hit!

So I’ve developed it and packaged it, to make it available to any child who is keen to explore their interest in songwriting, either at home or in a club group.

Gone are the days when all primary schools had specialist music teachers, it’s often left up to the class teacher to deliver the music curriculum. Many of these teachers have little or no musical knowledge or experience.

Songwriting4Kids is designed for any child whether they have previous musical knowledge or not. I start from scratch – and for those who do know a bit about music – well they will move through the online modules at a faster pace.

Members Login to Level 1 or 2.  Both Levels have 8 modules which have all the instruction videos explaining everything in a step by step, fun and educational way. There are tasks between videos which give children time to try out and apply what they’ve just learnt. If there’s anything they don’t understand, then the video can be replayed again.

Songwriting4Kids requires either a Windows or Mac operating system to use the songwriting software which is required from Module 3. So whilst the videos can be viewed on any device, the songwriting needs to be done on a desktop/laptop.

During the 8 modules your child can print off any songs they particularly like and play them on an instrument at home (if they play an instrument).

Once your child has completed Level 1, there’s Level 2 which explores combining different instruments including wind, brass, percussion, electric guitars, synths etc. Level 2 is less structured and offers more scope for exploring different instrumental sounds.

Songwriting4Kids is all about having fun while learning how to read and write music for various instruments and seeing and hearing their songs and compositions evolve note by note.

Ruth Seodi

A Dacorum’s Den Winner 2019