Welcome to Songwriting 4 Kids as a New Club Leader!

You will now have a good idea of how many children will be doing Level 1.  You’ll need to secure a room for the 8 weekly clubs, either the school IT suite or a classroom with laptops.  Make sure laptops are well charged before each weekly club.

School headphones can be an issue, so I suggest that you ask that children bring their own earphones/headphones if possible.  Also, children will need to print off their songs, so please check that the link to the school printer works.

If you are using laptops you’ll need to ensure that children use the same one each week as they will be saving their songs and need to pick up where they left off.  So I suggest numbering the laptops and adding the laptop number by the child’s name on your club register, (you’ll find a register template PDF below).

Please familiarise yourself with the Level 1 instruction manual and Club Leader instructions before you start the first Module.  Also please set aside time to download the songwriting software ( Finale Notepad) onto laptops, this needs to be done before Module 3.  You can find the software download instructions on the sidebar menu