“My 10 year old son has done Level 1 & 2 of the Songwriting 4 Kids program for the last year, and he has had great fun and has thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. He has found it very easy to understand and has been learning all the skills he needs to be able to compose his own music for a multitude of instruments. The course has progressed through several levels now and he is gaining more confidence and understanding of music. He has been using these skills to compose his own guitar and drum music at home. I would highly recommend this course for those wanting to understand how music is put together”.

Rae Baker - Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire

“My daughter is now on level 3 of the Songwriting Program. It has added a valuable new dimension to her musical education and I always look forward to hearing her compositions.
She thoroughly enjoys every session”
Catherine Hay - Hertfordshire

“My son enjoyed making new songs about Pokémon and a special one for Father’s day. He practiced them often around the house and is now working towards level 3”

Tracey Yarker - Hertfordshire

Our daughter has had the opportunity with this programme to bring together her love of music in so many ways, writing  lyrics, composing music and bringing home lots of new pieces.


She has learnt more about different musical instruments and how they can work together as well as using new IT skills to bring it altogether.


She has loved unravelling the mystery of making good music and how she can do this for herself.’


Elsa Robson - Hertfordshire

I have known Ruth for a number of years, and last year I assisted her in running a songwriting club that she designed herself for children aged between 8-13yrs.  Ruth is very professional in her approach and in the level of detail in the songwriting instructions.  From my experience all the children embraced Songwriting 4 Kids and were always asking when the next level would be available!


Michelle Gasper

Teaching Assistant (Primary School)

My daughter has really enjoyed the song writing courses.  It’s taught her the basics of reading music in a fun and creative way.  Even in lockdown she has been able to progress and continue learning whilst having fun.

Hayley Sillence

My daughter loved Level 1 and is now enjoying Level 2.  The instructions are easy to follow and encourages kids to give everything a go.

Jo Steel

We have enjoyed these courses as they have provided a creative outlet which is a well needed contrast to school work. Our daughter loves showing us the songs she has created and beams with delight when sharing a new song. It helps stretch her imagination in a musical way and she has enjoyed each class and course undertaken to date.

Bianca Permal